Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Christmas

Let's see.....We woke up Christmas morning to it snowing...and snowing....and snowing....after a restless night of "mom I can't sleep" and "my tummy hurts". 

Dawson finally fell asleep and Wy finally threw up.  Not the Merry Christmas we had intended but we managed.

DH got paged out with the fire dept for an idiot stranded motorist out early Christmas morning so he was gone for a few hours.  Wy threw up again so he and I stayed home and didn't get to the in-laws for brunch, I bundled Dawson up and sent him up there so at least one of us got to participate. 

It turned out to be a quiet day, which was fine with me.  It's still snowing, which is pretty, but it kind of leaves me stranded in the house and that can get kind of old.  I plan on getting out some later and shoveling the routes in the driveway so they don't ice over like last week.  The kids will get to play and maybe sled, which is all they have wanted to do since it started snowing.

I did find out that my new tummy doesn't much care for ham, which is too bad as the Honey Baked Ham I had ordered was fabulous as always....oh well....I guess I'll survive.


Ed said...

Hope the boys got to go sledding, I really miss that..:-)

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hope all the tummies are feeling better...Little boys and snow, what fun. Big boys like snow too.
The new look for your blog is nice, but I miss your picture at the top.
I'm going to play with the look of mine this week too, it's fun to change it around. "HAPPY NEW YEAR COLLEEN"

DesertHen said...

Sorry to hear about the tummy upset on Christmas. Hope everyone is feeling better now. I'm sure the boys are looking forward to sledding in all of that snow. Hope you'll post photos of the fun.

I miss your header was so pretty.

Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

A quiet Christmas is nice, too. That's what we had after the gift opening. And I enjoyed just sitting in bed, knitting a hat and drinking tea.

Take comfort in knowing that my tummy doesn't accept ham well either. We had turkey for Christmas....actually a turkey lunchmeat deli tray from Walmart. Festive, huh? lol!

We kept it simple this year with less emphasis on food......except for all the goodies that our neighbors dropped off. sigh. I was very happy that my kidlets ate most of it. :)

Wish my kidlets still enjoyed sledding like they did when they were little. I suppose we get so much snow up here, that they are less than impressed to get out in it anymore.

Happy New Year,

word verif: pasoni

We'll pasoni the ham, please.