My Gastric Bypass Decision

I turned 40 and it brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings, the most of which is my weight.  I have been overweight most of my life, morbidly obese  to be precise.  It has been an on going battle that I am tired of trying to win. 

I was to the point of just giving up, having lost any hope.  I didn't think I had it in me to try anything else.  After much thought and talking with family I have decided to have gastric bypass surgery.
Now some might look at that as the easy way out, but believe me it's not.  Yes you do tend to lose weight fast, but you still have to eat right, even more so than just a diet, and you have to exercise. 

I believe this is the answer for me, not one I ever thought I'd make for sure.  The risks are great but if I stay this way the risks are greater.  I am slowly killing myself with my weight.  I already have a host of health issues from it and I need to finally win the war.

I will be posting here about my journey,  giving an inside look in a fat woman's fight to be fit.

Please feel free to comment, but only if you choose to be supportive.  Snarky, judgemental and otherwise non supportive comments are not needed please.  I've heard enough crap about my weight and my choice to last me a lifetime.

Here's to me.....the improved version.