Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Day At Work

St. Patrick?
It was a holiday of sorts at work yesterday. My boss likes to do things for the community and she came up with a new idea. A purse drive. She is collecting slightly used purses which we are going to fill with different things. Many donated from the stores and business in the area. On April 4th we are going to be giving them away to women and girls in the area who are in a position where they can't afford a new bag. The kick off was yesterday, so Deb , who likes any reason to dress up, made it a fun day at work. Wear your tackiest green outfit. 50% discount on a new service for anyone who brings in a bag, food, drink, fun, games, you name it. I honestly can't tell you how many bags we have, LOTS! I guess you could say it was a success. As usual I brought my camera to work to capture some of the insanity. Enjoy!
I'm sorry to say she looks drunk in this photo
but it was the start of the day so....
I'm hoping not.... here she is clearly sober...
and she worked in that outfil
I'd of been a puddle on the floor... the mastermind Deb Cowgirl Victoria
those jingle shoes drove me crazy all day Jo and Deb J... I liked her wig better than mine. Our leprechaun
Elizabeth's cousin.
I don't know what she promised
him to get him to walk around
outside all day holding
a sign, but I'm sure
he should of asked for more
Deb's mom, still doing hair at 74!
That will not be me... Jess. the only one who looked
remotely normal Jo the party girl
A good time was had by all and hopefully it benefit alot of needy women in the area who find themselves in a bad spot and a little something for them will brighten their day and give them a bit of hope for a better future. I'll keep ya posted.

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Glennis said...

You all went all out for St Pats Day. There were many resellers heading to the Irish Pub late afternoon, but not many wearing the green in our town.
Nice idea to give away old bags, we all have some we don't need or like much, though some poor folk would love to have them