Friday, March 20, 2009

Do Dogs Get Car Sick?...Boy Do They!

Went for and eye Dr. appointment today and W and I decided to take Molly with us. I figure she needs to get used to riding in the car and not be so scared of it, besides all the times she's been in it have been to get to the vet. She was great. She had to wait in the car about 15 minutes or so at the Dr.'s (it was about 40 so it wasn't hot) and she just curled up on the seat and slept. After that I took W to the park and let him play on the playground. Molly and I climbed up the steps and walked around, no fear out of her at all. We even went on a short walk along the river and passed a couple of people with dogs and she paid them no attention. I'm amazed that someone just threw this dog away, she's just blended in with the family. She's wonderful with the kids, listens to me, and she doesn't even poop in the yard. We had a couple of other stops on our trip and she was very patient with us, sleeping while we did some quick shopping, we got her a toy of course and some cheese snacks. The drive home was okay, it is a curvy road being as we live in the mountains. She was a little restless near the end and I didn't read the signs, being as I haven't had a dog in about 15 years. She threw up in the car. Thankfully she was sitting on her blanket. I stopped and pulled the blanket out, cleaned it off, let her get a drink of water from the river and stretch her legs a bit. She loaded back up on her own, I've been having to pick her up, and on we went. We got home shortly and she got out and promptly threw up again in the yard. I guess I need to realize she's not as used to the curves as I am and take it easy on her next time. I'll be sure to bring her blanket.


DesertHen said...

Poor Molly! Nothing worse then a carsick has happened to us several times over the years. Our dog now really lets us know, so we get pulled over in time. She dances and whines in the back seat....a sure sign that something is amiss!

Sounds like you had a good day until the throwing up part on the way home.

Happy weekend to you.

Anonymous said...

The poor thing! That's sad!!