Friday, July 1, 2011

8 Month Update

It's been a short 8 months since my surgery, and alot has changed.  I can do things physically that I couldn't do before and I am slowly working on the mental aspects of all the changes.  Seeing myself in the mirror is a bit awkward as I have to adjust to a different face and new road maps on my body. 
In the long run I'm much better off living with a  bunch of wrinkles and bat wings than an extra 111 pounds.  I figure if someone doesn't like it they can just look somewhere else.  I've earned every one and am going to enjoy wearing clothes that don't cover me from elbows to ankles.
I have only 10 lbs to go til I get to my goal.  I went from a size 22 to a size 8.  Amazing to me.  I actually look forward to shopping now knowing that those cute things I used to see will actually work for me now.
I'm hoping to hit goal by my birthday this month, but if I don't that's okay, I know it will come off and I have more time now than I would of had.
Picnik collage

July 1,2011

Picnik collage


Anonymous said...

You look fantastic and it is obvious you are dedicated! Keep up the great work and keep posting.

Love you,

kellie said...

You look great bat wings and all!