Friday, September 4, 2009

Fur Babies

Gabbie, who I don't think I've ever shown before. She is pretty shy and spends all day in the bedroom only coming out when my DH gets home from work. We've had her about 12 years now.

Miss Simi. D's cat. The best cat.


Molly. A throw away for someone. She showed up at our house 6 months ago. Thankfully. For her and us. She's a wonderful dog. You can do anything with her and she just takes it in stride.


He's not ours. Don't even know if he has a name. Grandma Allen who passed away last May had two kitties. My FIL feeds them everyday and I occassionally go over to give them some love. As you can tell from his face, he's a little shy, and the other even more so. I love his little mustache.

Pets have been a big part of my whole life. I can't imagine not having them. I've had to break my husband in a little over the years, but he has handled it pretty well. The kids of course are alot like me. If it has fur, we love it. The more the merrier. Give love to yours today, they give it back tenfold.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great post and beautiful photos of all the fluffies. :)


WildBlack said...

Cute guys! :D