Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Your Smile.....It's Important!

Yesterday was D's bi-yearly trip to the dentist. I am one for serious tooth care. I see too many young kids around here missing teeth or with rotted teeth due to lack of care and far too much juice and soda. I have tried to instill in my kids to take extra care of their teeth, so starting about the age of 4 D has two cleanings a year. He has always been good, if a little hesitant at first.
W is just glad he's got a little time before it's his turn...

as he spotted the tools involved.. DSC_0432

our lovely hygenist Lynette I've known for quite a few years she's grown up now and pregnant with her third child


open wide D so she can get all the remnants of lunch off


W decided to be brave and see exactly what happens... see not so bad huh?


polish them all up


all done

Dr. Bruce the dentist said he had not seen a mom with a camera before, but he knows me well enough by now not to be too suprised by anything I say or do. Can anyone say "photo obsessed"?


Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

sparkly white teeth, they are going to be very thankful some day!

WildBlack said...

Great mom! with a camera :P