Friday, September 4, 2009

Photshop Fun...

In my many blog visits I have come across an amazing photographer who always inspires me. (check out his blog here it's worth it) What he manages to capture with his camera is beautiful. I have found him to be friendly, helpful, and willing to answer the many questions of a amateur photo nut. He posted the other day a picture of a monkey that was in black and white except for the mouth. I of course bugged him to find out how he did it. He of course answered with a tutorial on how. I then had to try!
Photoshop Wy
Not too bad for my first.
Thanks Nivin for all your help.
You're a hell of a guy!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Amazing! And I love how you made his facial hair sparkle, too.
I have SOOO got to get me the Photoshop software someday. Looks like so much fun to play with. :)


WildBlack said...

Wow! You picked the right subject! Great composition too. Looking forward for more creative work from you.
You're welcome :D

jeff@sally said...

Beautiful picture. I love it. That could be a professional photo!