Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunday Stills....Vintage

This weeks challenge is to find something that is "vintage" to you...I took a different approach this week, not many would consider my subject "vintage" but it is old...My son's ballgame happened to be across from a local cemetary so off I went with camera in hand..

a view from the top overlooking the Smoky Mountains


I happen to like wandering through graveyards.  I don't worry too much about "stepping" on anyone as I am there with the best of intentions with no disrespect intended.  Wondering about the lives of the people who reside there, what life would have been like for them back so many years ago.  The things they would have seen in their lifetimes...always interesting.


this old oak would be considered vintage I'm sure, they take quite a few years to get so big


this little boys life was short but hopefully filled with love


the road is in need of a bit of care, but that might take away from the quaintness of this little cemetary

I found this one under a bunch of fresh mown grass....imagine my surprise at finding a Civil War vet under all that 


one of the oldest, how long were they married, what kind of life did they live?


I don't plan on being in a grave when I'm gone, my hubby has orders as to what to do with me if I happen to leave this world before one to wonder who I was or what my life was like...guess I'll have to leave an impression on those around me to be sure they have something to talk about after I'm gone....

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threecollie said...

I like your take on "vintage". Very fitting and wonderful photos. My mom loves doing genealogy work, so I have wandered in many a graveyard myself. Great job.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This is a perfect take on vintage! I agree that cemeteries or graveyards are great places to learn history... they make it more personal (and incidentally, they are often great bird watching places).

MTWaggin said...

I too love wandering through cemeteries and your photos are very lovelye.

Ed said...

Great shots..:-)

Ebie said...

The grasses are so green! Cemeteries are always an interesting place to photograph.

The 1800's is vintage! Great take on the theme.

Eva said...

Wonderful pictures of this old cemetery. Vintage enough for me.

I messed up my scheduling, but finally got mine up.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I enjoy walks through Graveyards too..great shots! I always wonder about the small children too:(
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Ann said...

Thanks for noting thelittle boy's age. It is special to me, as I lost my little boySwerform sedsi

aurora said...

Nice vintage shots, I like the lighting in them. I am partial to the moody black & white shot.

Terry and Linda said...

I loved your subject! I, too, love cemeteries and didn't even think to do a post on one! GREAT JOB!