Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Self Reflection

Today I ran errands, lots of things to do in town.  Kind of cold, but I hate wearing a coat.  I pulled out one of my favorite shirts from my old skinny day and guess what? It fit!  It's a wonderfully soft long sleeve t from Gap Body.  I paired it with my new workout pants, size large thank you very much, and off I went.

The first place was the Administration building to pay the taxes on Ron's truck.  As I was walking up to the door I noticed my reflection in the glass. I could actually see daylight between my legs as I walked!  I looked almost normal sized.  No uncomfortable shuffle of shame praying no one looked at me.  No huge bulges sticking out. People actually said hello and how are u!  Amazing.

So much better today than yesterday.  I forget sometimes to enjoy the small things.  Like actually looking at your reflection and not feeling shame and embarrassment.  A little non surgical victory for me!

Here's looking at u girl!


Kimberly said...

This has brought tears of joy to my eyes. I'm glad that you are finding other ways to measure your success. xoxo

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So it really is true that people treat you differently based on your weight. Kind of sad.
I'm glad you're enjoying the attention and the feeling of living in your new beautiful body.

But if you went out without a coat here, you'd die of exposure in an hour or two. Seiously, we barely got above zero today and it's down to -27 tonight.

I surprised myself tonight watching the weather report and learning that it's supposed to warm up to 20 degrees by Friday. hah!
Can you believe it? I was excited about 20 degrees. lol!


pepper said...

on a weight loss journey myself and happened upon your blog. thanks for sharing your inspiring story. can't wait for the day that i can see light through my thighs!!