Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Month Post Op

Well I made it one whole month.  I lost 18.5 pounds in that month.  Not too bad.  I'm that much closer to my goal of 200 by Christmas. 

I'm finally on soft foods thank goodness.  I was so sick of having to do liquids.  I've only had scrambled eggs and chicken salad but it's been great.  Went down easy and have had no problems with that.

I did have a bad, horrendous, case of constipation on Saturday.  There was nothing I could do to get it out.  I finally made a very late night trip to WalMart and got an enema.  Let's just say that there was a hell of an explosion and some screaming on my part, thought I was giving birth again, and that was that.  At least that's what I thought. 

Sunday I came up with a very sharp pain in my left side, close to my incision sight.  It doesn't hurt all the time, when I raise my voice and when I move certain ways.  When it happens it will take my breath away.  I will have to call the Dr and see about getting in when I get back from Atlanta. 

Have a good holiday everyone.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes, the constipation sounds like a nightmare!
I'm sure glad to hear you got it all 'worked out', though.

I was thinking about you today and worried about how tough a holiday, like Thanksgiving, mostly based on eating lots of food, must have been for you. I hope everyone was very supportive and understanding with you today. (((((hugs)))))

And remember how much you've got to be thankful for, my friend.

Let us all know how the Dr. appt turns out. You've got me worried about you and that sharp pain.


mama2reese said...

I have had a bout of it too - I am a little past you post-op. I am afraid of taking something so I just have something to eat that I think will make me go - like a cup of coffee :D

Thanks for the post on my blog.