Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Weeks Post Op

Well today marks week 3 post op.  I am down 13.5 pounds.  Doesn't seem like much to me, but any number closer to my goal is good.  I didn't get fat overnight and I won't get thin that way either I guess.

The last couple of days has been a bit hard mentally, I'm just really sick of liquids.  I want to chew something so damn bad!  I find myself tasting this and that.  I even sucked the cheese off of a Dorito just to have something different than protein shake or soup.  Crazy huh?  Some days I wonder if I did the right thing by having surgery, but oh well, too damn late now.  Gotta make the best of it.

I was a bit stressed today as my little one is not feeling well.  Getting him to take any sort of medicine is a battle and when I'm stressed I want to eat.  Hard to do that now.  Made me even more frustrated.  How am I to cope with my feelings if I can't eat?  It's how I deal, I gotta find a new coping habit.

Physically I feel good. I could finally shave my legs tonight after 3 weeks.  Gross huh?  Hard to do when you can't bend over to get to your leg cause your belly hurts.  That pain in my left side is finally on it's way out!  I can bend over and not feel it pushing up against my ribs.  Good news for hubby, means I'm on the mend and can get down to some serious business!!!  TMI I know...but it's good to be a participant in our relations.  Too fat means to damn hard to do some work, and tired.  Fat is not flexible ya know...

Week 4 looms before me.  Hopefully I will now be able to get on the tredmill for longer than 10 minutes.  That will help increase my loss....

I'll keep ya posted.


Ed said...

Keep it up, I'm doing the low carb thing and when I get stressed out or too hungry I grab my camera and take a walk and try to find something interesting, you are a talented photographer and you should have no problems finding cool things to photograph. I know its tough but keep it up it will be worth it in the long run..:-))

Fredda said...

Oh how I feel your pain! Hang in there! You will be in way too much pain if you try eating before your pouch is ready. When you find yourself wanting to eat, go get on the treadmill, take a walk outside with your camera, find something to do to re-direct yourself. You can do this! Keep up the wonderful work!!!! 13 lbs is 13lbs closer to your goal! Be thankful for EVERY pound that you loose because it gets you that much closer to a healthier you. Hang in there!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well, thank goodness for small miracles....shaving legs feels great!
I remember when I was able to shower and shave my legs for the first time after my ACL surgery...I was totally exhausted afterwards, but felt like a bran new person.

When are you able to eat 'next stage solids', like jello, pudding, creamy soup, mashed potatoes, etc?

Sure hope everyone's feeling better now at your house. It's hard taking care of sick kids when Mama's not feeling so great.