Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surgery Scheduled

It's finally official!  I have been scheduled for surgery on October 26th.  I have a couple of Dr's appt's  before to go over pre-op stuff but other than that it's done.  I start a two weeks liquid diet on the 12th, which should be a boat load of fun I'm sure.  It's to help shrink the fat off of my liver, as it's located near the stomach.  Makes it easier to get to. 

I am excited to be getting started, but still nervous.  On another note my parents are coming in on October 7th to stay for a week and a half.  Should be fun with the house full of people.  Mom will be going with me to my last couple of appt's, it should make her feel a little better about it all to meet the Dr and ask any questions she may have.

Not a bunch else has been happening lately, just knitting bags and reading in my spare time....

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