Monday, January 18, 2010

Huge Ice Teeth

I have been busy knitting and reading on my new Kindle lately, so I haven't posted alot.  Today I thought I would share some ice that we saw on our trip to Brevard last week. 

The sides of the road all have these places where water runs through the rock and freezes.  It thaws during the day some and refreezes at night. As such they tend to build up alot.  These were just huge!  I was completely amazed by them.  They look almost like teeth.  It's hard to show just how big they were as I didn't have anything to put on them to give you a size difference.  I still think you'll enjoy them.




threecollie said...


James Owens said...

These are great pictures, Colleen, dreaming, like illustrations from a fairy tale. No mountains where I live means no roadside displays of icicles :-(

Pete said...

wow . see not something I get to see on a regular basis. so yep wow

WildBlack said...

Your snow n ice shots are amazing. Really cooool and very interesting :D

DesertHen said...

Holy Cow...Incredible!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's just amazing! They are like nature made ice sculptures!

Great captures!