Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Lover Dream

A fact about me that everyone knows is that I am a book lover.  I read all the time and have lost count as to how many books I've read.  I can easily read a book a day.  Needless to say I spend alot of money on them.  To me it's worth it. 

I recently received a it was book lover heaven.

What could it be?
Such a pretty cover...
is it a book?....
sort of

 It's a Kindle from Amazon!

For those who don't know what it's a book reader. You can download books to it, it holds 1500!.  The prices vary, some are even free, but most new releases are $9.99.  Alot less than the price of a new hardcover.  It has wireless in it that you can download your books from anywhere you get a signal, for free, no charge.  If you don't get a signal, like me, you can dowload to your computer and then put it on the Kindle.


It keeps track of all the books you have on it, and if you accidentally delete one you can re-dowload from Amazon for no charge.  They keep track of all the books you've bought.


It reads just like a book with no glare, even in sunlight.  You just turn the page with the push of a button.  It also keeps track of what page you are on.  Has a dictionary built in, and you can even receive e-mails for a small fee....I haven't figured out all it's bells and whistles yet, but am quite happy with it.


It's also really thin.  As you can see a peanut butter m&m is thicker than it is!  Amazing what they come up with isn't it?  I've been enjoying it so far, I'm reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Seabold.

If like me you spend alot on books this could be a cheaper way to do it in the long run, without using trees for paper, and having to find a place to put or get rid of all the books when done.

Happy Reading!


DesertHen said...

How cool is that!! Have heard of the Kindle, but have never seen one. I don't know if I could get use to not turning a page. There is just something about snuggling up with a good book that brings comfort after a hectic day.

Have fun with your Kindle and give us an update on how you like it...=)

Darlene said...

I love this! I called my Dad after seeing this and we are going to get my Mom one for Mother's Day! Thanks for being my biggest and only follower on my blog. I think I I will start visiting other blogs when I have pics. Love you!


James Owens said...

Wow .. I'd been thinking of getting one of these, but I had no idea they were so thin. That's amazing. Holds 1500 books? Hmmmm, it might help me clear a place to sit in my house :-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How cool! I've heard about them and seen their ads, but being as how I'm a techno phobe and tend to get sweaty handed with considering any technology, I've avoided even looking at them.

I had no idea they were so thin and could hold so many books. What a great gadget to take on a road trip or on a plane. I always stress about which books to pack when I go on vacation because, what if I get bored of one and find I'd rather read something different. I can't pack several books in my bags. They're too bulky and heavy.

I also like the idea of not having tol flip pages and hold them down. My thumbs and fingers get arthritis and become sore and stiff when I have to do that for a long reading session.

The Kindle sounds great! Is it spendy, though? How about the batteries? Does it eat them up quickly? Does it have a plug to save battery power, too?

Congrats on your new goody. Was this a gift?



ps I missed ya on Sunday Stills. Are you ok? Or just busy reading? hehe!

threecollie said...

It would eliminate the teetering piles of books that tend to collect on every surface here too. lol

Wildblack said...

WoW! Cool gadget.