Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Little Town....

Bryson City probably has a city limit population of about 1800, county wide is larger. We do have more than one stop light (4 ) and the most popular place is by far the GSMR with the tourist trade.
Here's our little train Depot.
this little wagon was outside...
The Chamber "caboose"
Wy likes to climb on it and pretend
he's driving. An old time car...don't know what purpose it
serves, but it's new around here.
Some Hydrangeas I found in town
Next time I'm in town I'll try to get some pics of a few local places....


DesertHen said...

Great little tour of your town. Love the train depot. Our son was fascinated with trains when he was growing up...=)

Our neighbor has an old red caboose that is on his farm. He uses it as an office.

The hydrangeas are very pretty!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a charming town you live in. Thanks for the tour and all the great pics. The flower pics are beautiful!