Monday, February 9, 2009

I Have Been To The Boonies....

Living in a small town like I do, I always considered it the "boonies", or so I thought until yesterday when DH and I actually did go there. I bought some furniture from a friend who lives in a town about 2 hours, or so, from my house. And let me tell you....there wasn't a whole lot to be seen after we turned onto a small two lane road. For about and hour and a half all we saw were curves in the road ,as we traveled up and over several mountains, lots and lots of cows, horses, one herd of deer and a lone llama. It was a beautiful drive through Pisgah National Forest, but all I kept thinking was "What do these people do for a living? And where do they go to do it?" There was nothing, no stores, grocery or otherwise, no gas stations, there had to be a school because I kept seeing bus turn around signs, I never did see it, but that was it. When we finally did reach our destination it was a tiny town. I swear you blink and you are thorough it to the other side. The only place to shop was a Dollar General. You have to travel 20 minutes over the border into Tennessee to get groceries. It makes where I look like a metropolis. I like my small town living, but that was just a little too small for me. You have to admire those that choose to live there. Here is the definition for "boonies" a short form for Boondocks. uninhabited area with thick natural vegetation, as a backwoods or marsh (usually prec. by the). 2.a remote rural area (usually prec. by the): The company moved to a small town out in the boondocks.
Here is a view from the truck as we start our journey.
It was overcast most of the day.
small valley we went through.
I love the barns...we saw a whole bunch, but
I only managed to get pics of a few.
I was a busy, back breaking day, having to take the furniture out of one place, try to fit it in the trailer, moving it several times in the process, and then figuring out how to fit in the storage area we are using. DH earned lots of good hubby points for the day. We spent the whole day together just the two of us, Thank You Connie for watching the kids, and it was wonderful and a sort of anniversary for us. Thirteen years ago yesterday we met, on a blind date for coffee. Who would of thought that one date would have turned out so well.


kellie said...

Beautiful pics and Happy Anniversery! I am having coffee enjoying the blog. I am really enjoying my bag. Kristen and my Mom loved it. Miss you.


DesertHen said...

Love the picture. We lived in one place that was so remote that we had no power....everything was powered by generators. Now that is living in the Boonies!!

Happy Annivesary to you and your hubby...=)

My hubby and I met 23 years ago in a rodeo!