Monday, November 3, 2008

A Few Random Pictures

I decided to see about taking some photos this week. The colors are full and I keep trying to capture it on film. Not having such good luck. I'll keep plugging along though.
This is a maple tree with a missing large limb probably
due to encroaching on power lines or something.
I found it interesting so took a pic.
Here are some leaves from said maple tree.
I stopped on Saturday on the way home from work and took a few of the river. It's so low right now that I could probably skip from rock to rock, if I could actually skip, not get my feet wet.
Here is where the gravel meets the
pavement on my drive home.
I just love the mountains. It's different
every time I drive through. I look forward
to frozen icicles in winter and hopefully

1 comment:

DesertHen said...

Hi there. Love all the photos....the photos with the trees reflecting on the water are gorgeous!

I see you figured out how to center your text....sorry I didn't get over here fast enough to give you some has been one CRAZY week for me.

Love the new look on the blog and that turkey strutting across the page is to dang cute......=D