Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Me The Simi

Hi! It's me the Simi. I'm new to this little family but I's like it just fine so far. I not seen too much yet, I in a room with a cute boy. I gots toys, and a nice soft bed, and a place to poo. I did see a big thing like me but not so pretty. She was a funny grey color, not shiny black like the Simi. I hope to jump on her real soon and show her the Simi in charge. Til then I play with the sticky thing with the little human boys. I off to play now.


knitabulous said...

Cute! And I am not a cat person either, so it must be doubly cute!

Thank you for the blog award, I am very flattered.

gone to the dogs said...

Hi...I'm a dog owner and also a cat lover, but my favorite part of this video is the delightful sound of the child's laughter! Sweet.