Monday, August 8, 2011

Rafting the Nantahala

My oldest has been wanting to go rafting for a while now so yesterday we decided to go.  Now I haven't been rafting since before I was pregnant with him and I was a lot bigger then.  What a totally different experience.
I was of course the only one who fell out of the boat, we were doing a move where you slam into a rock and it sends your raft spinning, we managed to do this several times before with no problems, this time it was a little more violent and it send me ass backwards out the boat.  Let me just tell you how frickin cold that water is!  About 46 or so, took my breath away, but I did manage to hold on to my sunglasses and paddle.  My hubby managed to hold on to my foot then grabbed my hand and hauled me back into the boat.  Not something that would have been easy a 115 pounds ago!
A blast was had by all and my son was wanting to go again even before we finished our run.  Our pic is below and I'm the one in the middle on the left side of the boat.  It's still a bit of a shock to see myself in pictures.

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DesertHen said...

My husband has taken up rafting and seems to love it! I on the other hand am a big chicken! The rapids scare me silly!

Looks like everyone had a blast! =)