Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Really Difficult Post.... it goes.....I went to my first Dr's appointment today, the first of several for my bariatric program.  I had to be weighed, by a machine that measures body fat, muscle, water, and I'm pretty sure how much I had to pee.  It was needless to say embarrassing.  Not that they were suprised, after all it is a weight clinic for fat people.
I weigh a whopping 266.8 and my body fat percentage is 50.4. Pretty much what I figured.  I was suprised to find out that for my size I have the perfect amount of muscle...go figure.  I guess lugging this big 'ol body around has it's benefits.  I have to lose 13.4 lbs before surgery, shouldn't be too hard, I think that's about how much I had to pee after a couple of coffees on the way there.
 I am posting a pic of myself, you don't have to look (actually I would prefer if you just skipped over it, it's not pretty),  the good news is I'm on my way to a healthier me.  I go back to see the dietitian and the Dr on June 2.  In the mean time I have a call in to schedule my psych evaluation so I will probably do that before the second.
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kellie said...

You can do it!

flowerweaver said...

You are a beautiful woman, Colleen, inside and out! I hope this works for you, and that you are able to change your relationship with food through the process. I know it is much easier to exercise when you are less weighted down.

My niece opted for a gastric bypass at 15 when she weighed 427 lbs. She is six feet tall, and will never be small, but she is a gorgeous and brainy girl in her master's degree program now at around 200 lbs. Her mother, my SIL, also had one done two years ago.

One thing I will say, it has posed some health problems for my niece. I don't know the details, but I could put you in contact with her. Also both of them have gained some weight back because of stress and not keeping to their diet and exercising. So it is possible to gain weight after a gastric bypass.

I will keep you in my thoughts for a healthy new you!