Friday, March 26, 2010

A Photoshop Class and The Pioneer Woman.....

Last year when I bought my DSLR I also purchased Photoshop Elements 7 as I can in no way afford CS4 and I wanted a way to edit my photos.  I uploaded it to my computer and after a couple disasterous efforts I realized I didn't know what the heck I was doing so I didn't use it.

I then found Picnik, a wonderful site that has actions for free! I've been using it pretty exclusively for a while now and I do like it.  However I just couldn't justify my spending the money on Elements if I didn't use it.  So I finally decided to take an online class offered my the local community college.

I learned alot of things over the last 12 weeks.  I am in no way proficient at the program but can muddle through screw ups and  do okay.

One thing  I learned on Picnik is that I love to use different "actions" or "effects" as they are listed on Picnik.  It's an easy way to modify and otherwise okay pic and make it a little something extra.  That's where The Pioneer Woman comes in.

I have been wanting to use her actions for a while but they only worked with the big CS4 program.....Imagine my delight when I found out that she now offers them for use with Elements!!!!

I spent alot of time last night finally getting them into my program, with only mild swearing and hair pulling, and decided to show a couple of them.

this is SOOC
(or straight out of the camera for those who aren't lingo friendly)

for this one I used "Seventies"
I love the old time look of it
like pictures from my childhood


I used two on this one
"Sepia" and "Dim the Lights"
It was a little too light with just
sepia and the other added some depth.


this is "Heartland'
some would say a little blown out
but all I see are my little boy's
deep brown eyes


I still have alot to learn with my Elements, but I now have a few free actions to play with if I don't want to spend the day looking for what's wrong with my pictures, I can just enhance what's right with beautiful little boy eyes and a mischevious grin.....

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flowerweaver said...

Good for you! Isn't experimenting with filters and actions fun?! You are doing a great job!