Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Addicting Craft...

Something people might not know about me is that I love Rosie O.  I read her blog and listen to her radio show when I can.  I guess it's 'cause she reminds me alot of myself in ways.  Overweight, depressed, funny, willing to speak her mind. I'm those things too. We are both also crafty. 

I've seen Munny's on her blog for sale in her etsy store and I decided to get some.  It is completely addiciting.  They are made of vinyl and you can  draw on them using just about anything, crayons, pencil, markers, paint.  You can cut into them, pierce them, glue things to them, you think it you can probably do it.

I wanted to make one for each of the boys.  Here is the one I  made for Wy.  I'll post D's when I get it done.
If you're interested you can find them here

Get some for you and the kids today and sit together and have fun!


the only likeness to Wy is
the stinker part




DesertHen said...

What a clever idea! I haven't checked out Rosie's blog and I didn't know she had an Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing that.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

roflmbo!! YES, you ARE very creative. I'm totally diggin' your lil' Stinker. hehe!
Never heard of Munnies. Will have to go check 'em out. Do they have animals, too?


Ed said...

LOL! Thats way cool..:-))

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Rosie O. I used to watch her faithfully when she had her TV show. I relate to her alot as well. :) I'll have to check out her blog. I saw her Munnies when she guested on Martha Stewart's show. Yours is adorable. :)

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

how fun was this to do, love it!