Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goings On....

It hasn't been the best couple of weeks around here.  First we had the snow and were without power for 3 days, now because of the power problem we have a blown pump in our well.  We are showering at my DH parents house and lugging water to use the bathroom.  I have to run to the laundramat to do the laundry and will have to use the unbelieveably bad water to wash dishes once a day. 

You know when you heat a honey baked ham in the oven and you get all that orange colored goodness in the pan?  That's what our water looks like.  We have ridiculous amounts of iron and it's so hard you never feel clean.  I hate having to do the dishes in it but have no choice.  I add a little bleach just to make myself feel better.

It's never been the greatest water but it was usable for most stuff with a softener system on it, but as it seems we have to spend a fortune to fix it, why not try a different spot and see if we can improve on the quality.  It just sucks that it's happened in the winter,  makes digging a bit of a pain.  Hopefully DH and my FIL will come up with something.

Hopefully your holidays are a little better than mine. Have a good New Year.


DesertHen said...

I'm so sorry about the blown pump and the water problem! Our boss has terrible water...loaded with iron, orange tint, smelly, etc. We live about 1/4 mile from them and our water is fine, clear and fresh. Maybe if you have to punch a new well, you'll get lucky and hit a good pocket of water. Hang in there and ((((HUGS))) to you. Take a good book to the laundrymat with you and "steal" some "me" time while waiting for the wash to be done.....=)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Aww, bummer! That really stinks (literally). And is just so dang inconvenient right now. I'm really sorry and I hope it all gets worked out soon.
Our Reverse Osmosis system stopped worked several months ago and we were buying our drinking water, because it tasted 'dry' and foul.

And then one day, I drank the water because the water machines were broke at the store and we were out of the bottled stuff, and lo and behold the water tasted good!
We're on community water, though and no a well. I'm assuming that the community water is better filtered now, or maybe they are using Reverse Osmosis.
Whatever happened I'm grateful because a new RO system for our house would have ran us about $300......$300 we just don't have right now.

Hang in there, my friend,