Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lessons Learned....

It never fails to suprise me when my son comes home with a "new" word a friend at school has used.  I'm amazed that children his age even know some of the things he's come home with.  What are their parents teaching them?  I am forever grateful that he comes to me to find out what they mean.  I am honest with him, even though I may find it uncomfortable.

My oldest asked me last night about a word his friend said yesterday....one of the words I hate the most.  I was completely shocked when he said it and he realized it wasn't good and started crying.  I told him what it meant and that he was to never ever say it.  I told him I wasn't mad at him as he didn't know what it meant, and that I was glad he came to me to find out what it did mean.  He's so sensitive and I could see I made an impression on him.  He kept telling me he was sorry and that he just wanted to know what it meant.  After being assured he was not in trouble he finally stopped crying and went back to his usual silly self.

I see teenagers around here pregnant, dropping out of school, and getting involved in lots of bad things, and I made a promise to myself and my sons that I was going to be the type of parent that they feel they can come to with anything.  I would much rather be informed and be able to talk about things than find out later.  It may seem like wishful thinking on my part but I think when you start young and they know that you are there for them whatever the issue then the teen years may not be so bad.

Today I gave him a little something extra, just for him.  I got him up at 3:45 this morning and he and I sat outside curled up in a lawn chair and watched the meteor shower.  It was cold, peaceful, and lots of fun.  Seeing his excitement over being able to see one, and it just being him and I.  Little things like that can make a difference, and make him feel special, spending time doing something that not all (if any) of his friends got to do.  I hope I can continue to do right by him and let him know just how much I love who he is becoming.



Pete said...

Great to hear of parents that still make time for their children

My little girl turned 13 this year


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You're a great Mom. Years from now, these are the special memories yoursons will hold dear :)

We usually watch the Meteor showers together, too. Last night we missed them, though. But my kids love to sit up on my balcony in lawnchairs and call out when they see the meteors flying overhead. We make way too much noise, but it's fun. :)


thecrazysheeplady said...

What a great memory for your son. It counts.