Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tails of Molly....Opossum

When last we saw Molly she was bringing home a deer leg.....
I was sitting knitting, trying to finish a pair of socks, when all of a sudden there is a pounding on the front door. D is yelling and pounding. What the heck is going on? He and W were in the backyard on the swing set. I don't think anyone is hurt as the yelling doesn't sound like it, more like excited panic....I open the door to D telling me I have to see what Molly caught! An opossum! Huh? They've got to have it wrong. I walk around to the back yard and what do I see?
A baby opossum
Well I'll be damned! She did catch one. After mulling over my plan of action I send D for gloves and a box. And the camera of course... I can't quite figure out if it's cute or just creepy...all those little teeth and beady eyes. It is breathing and twitching it's ears, but that's all I can tell from this point.
I pick it up to discover several wounds on it. A big hole in it's back, the tail is bitten almost in two, and a couple of skin "rips" in it's side. I put it in the box and to the house we head. After trying to get hold of my DH I sit and watch and find out that it wants to move but can't do much with it's backend. Figures.....So in the way of not wanting to watch an animal suffer we decide to do the right thing and put it down....Sad, but that's the way of the animal kingdom I guess...


Pony Girl said...

They are creepy looking things, aren't they? I heard they can be quite mean, too. But they really do play possum! At first I thought maybe yours was doing that, just playing dead. But it had wounds. I think putting it out of it's misery was the right thing to do.

DesertHen said...

You and I are so much alike! I would have done the same thing...try to save it first, then take the needed course of action when I saw it was suffering. I have never seen a opposum up close before!

Anonymous said...

I vote creepy... Total road kill and I could never have picked it up like you did! Lol.. You are a brave woman! I probably would've went for the shovel to scoop it up.. And then I don't know what! Did you take him to a vet or did you have to put him down yourself? In any event, they're still creepy and you're still very brave! =)
Luv your blog!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

They look mighty creepy. Ironic, since most fluffy things are cute.

My kids held one at a nature park once. It wrapped it's strong tail around their arms and held on tight.

Poor thing probably had a broken back. You did the right thing.