Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm in LOVE! Also very confused....

I finally received my new Nikon d90 yesterday. I immediately set the battery to charging and opened the manual and felt my eyes beginning to cross. Very intimidating, lots of buttons and instructions for things that I didn't completely understand. After finally figuring out what parts went where, and the battery fully charged, I set off to put it to use. Now I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, but I do want to get better at it. My DH of course looked at my photos and said "Seems like the other would do just fine, maybe not as clear on the close ups, but it would work." Hmmm. Maybe I should have said that I thought his first motorcycle would work just fine, maybe not as good on the dirt, but it would work...He might have gotten the point then...Oh well, next time. are some pics from my walking around my yard and my DH's grandma who lives across the street. I hope you enjoy. I will be taking a trip today to Deep Creek and see what I can come up with there, so I will post those tomorrow.
Daylily blooming in my garden
Honeysuckle. It grows like crazy here.
The more we beat it with the weed eater
the more it grows.
Old spring house
Hmmm. Molly came too, and she
has spied something interesting...
What could it be?
Uh Oh! He doesn't look too
happy to see her!
Peony in grandmas yard
They are just beautiful
I love the old broken down fence
against the barn
Here's the barn
A look from the barn up
the drive towards
the spring house
spring house again
Here's a snail in the grass....slimy little sucker.


kellie said...

Looks fab to me.glad to see ya treating yourself.
love ya sis.

kellie said...

Pictures are awesome! I can't wait to see more...


Pony Girl said...

What fun! I bought a D40 in April and it's been intimidating, but I am very happy. I went to Ken Rockwell's site, he tells what settings he uses, then shoots on "P" (Programmed auto.) I have also shot on Auto with good results! I am working on Aperture priority, that is my next challenge! And focus. Try to figure out how to get it to focus on what I want it to. You are in good company though, lots of Nikonian bloggers out there and people have been very helpful answering all of my questions, LOL!

JAN'S PLACE said...

pretty impressive!!!

Lucky You!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Snails wouldn't last 5 minutes in New Mexico's arid climate. lol! All your photos are just lovely. The barn is so cool! And the flowers with the water drops, so pretty!
Around here, to get those water droplets, I'd have to mist the flowers with a spray bottle. lol!


DesertHen said...

Great shots!! I love the barn!!

Before long you will be a pro with the new camera....=D