Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watcha Doin'?

It's been a little hectic around here the last couple of days.....hence the reason for not posting. My car broke down last week and I wasn't able to go to Atlanta for Easter.....It took DH most of a week, on and off, to fix it...He is amazing. I wouldn't have a clue where to start, and am only capable of putting gas in it without screwing it up. With the things that have gone wrong with the car over the last couple of years I'm beginning to think I'm cursed. D has been on Spring Break this past week and it's gone okay for the most part. There hasn't been any blood shed, but he and W did manage to argue quite a bit. I guess it's common and completely normal for siblings, but it sure can make a mom nuts. D's ball season starts up again tomorrow with a game at 5:30 so that will take up some time this week. I like the aspect of feeling part of the community, sitting with all the other parents cheering our kids on, even if I don't have anyone to talk to except the dog. Work is pretty much the same....slow. I'm hoping that with the start of season it picks up as I could sure use the money to buy myself a great present for my 40th birthday this year. I dearly want a Nikon d80 SLR's hoping. That's been about it...exciting I know...will post some this week, as I am determined to get out with the camera and shoot something.....


Kym said...

Heck if you are going for that, why not buy a Canon 40D? You can shot in raw format and get some pretty amazing images out of it! All siblings fight....especially boys, there is such competition at that age! Hope your coming week is much better with your car!

DesertHen said...

Sorry to hear about the car. I have to take mine in tomorrow morning for some warraty work to be done. Good thing it still has a bit of the warranty left!

My two kids argued all the time...what am I saying, they still do. There is seven years between them and I figured they wouldn't fight, but no, they still did. They love to give each other heck even now...Countrychick is the only one at home now. She likes to call herself an only child...he, he. Her brother, Cowboy M. bought a house in town and works for one of the area mines. He will be 23 in July and I will be 40!

I want a Nikon D80 too for my 40th!!! So many people are using them and the photos are awesome!