Monday, April 13, 2009


Whoooo Hoooo! You go Margie and Luke!
I am addicted to The Amazing Race and this season I just love Margie and Luke. They are a mother/son team and Luke is deaf. He's on the show to prove that people with handicaps are just as capable as anyone else and they are doing an "amazing" job. They are currently in the final five teams and came in first on last nights episode. I hope they can go all the way.
It's refreshing to see a team that can communicate and get along as well as they can. Some of the other teams are a disappointment in the way they treat one another. If it wasn't for the physical aspect ( cause I'm not physical at all) I would love to do the race with my sis. I think we would do great as we get along famously.


DesertHen said...

My mom watches the Amazing Race and she is pulling for Margie and Luke to win too.

blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love them too! That's my favorite reality show anyhow but what a great team they are!