Friday, March 6, 2009


I recently joined Facebook and wasn't sure what I thought about it, I'm still not completely convinced I made a good choice. People from the past keep popping up and I'm not sure what it all means. But I did manage to get some old photos from a trip to FL from 2004. It was D's one and only trip to the beach and he just loved it. We will have to plan one again soon.


DesertHen said...

My daughter wants me to do a facebook page. I don't want to deal with people from high school, so maybe I will block them as they pop up...he, he, he. I will look you up and add you as a friend when I get my page done, okay.....=)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I won't do FaceBook for that same reason. I hated High School and the years between high school and when I got married were wrought with some bad experiences...and I don't want to meet up with anyone from that time period in my life either.

When I first started using the Internet I joined one of the High School Reunion sites, and within a few months, the nasty girl who punched me in the face after school in front of all her bully 'friends' contacted me. Wanna know why she punched me?

Because I stood up to her in Home EC class (7th grade) for going around and taking everyone's thread off their sewing machine bobbins, just for fun. She was mean!

I told her to stop...and she said, "We'll handle this after s school b*tch."

And the reason she contacted me? Aparently it was to apologize. Well after I accepted her apology, she then decided she wanted to best friends and started sending me daily messages (2 or 3 time a day...just to chat). When I didn't reciprocate, she got angry and said she was so hurt because she had 'done so much to try and make ammends' and I didn't even care.

Can you believe that?

She was crazy!

I finally told her to beat it or I was contacting the police and reporting her for stalking.

Be careful of sites like Facebook, I tell ya.