Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Been Up...

I have been pretty lax the last few days in posting...It's been a little crazy around here, it seems everyone is sick. W has been coughing and stuffy for the last two weeks and D is still holding on to his too. DH only had a couple of days of feeling crappy, and myself as well. I did manage to take the dog to the vet for her shots and schedule her for spaying. I have to say she was just a little lady about it all. I could tell she never really rode in a car before but after a couple minutes she calmed down. She seems to be fitting in well with the family, so far anyway. Work has been a little slow and it's frustrating at times, I can't stand to just be there and not be making any money, it would be one thing if I was paid by the hour, but on commission it seems like a waste of my time some days. It costs me more to drive over there (it's about 45 mins) add lunch , gas, and a babysitter, and it makes more sense for me to have stayed home. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to tough it out a couple more weeks. Season is on the way. On a good note, family is coming to visit this weekend. I can't wait. I will only get to see them on Sat. afternoon and night, some on Sunday. Some is better than none though. I miss them all the time. I've been knitting as usual, should finish the scarf tomorrow and I have to felt my bags too. Should be shoulder breaking work, but hopefully they will come out good.

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DesertHen said...

Hope you are all feeling better? I have a cold right now and it is the pits! I'm so use to being home when I am sick, but now that I'm working, I have to suck it up and be a big girl...which means no whinning....Dang it!

I'm so glad the stray doggie has found a good home with you. Sounds like she is settling in well.

I hope work picks up for you soon. Our bosses wife is a stylist and she has said things have been very slow for her this past month.