Monday, January 12, 2009

My Weekend In ATL.....

As you know we went to Atlanta to surprise Dar for her birthday....We had a great time, we hung out, played lots of Guitar Hero, got to see Kristen and Bryce.....
And went to see Cirque du Soleil !!!!!
This is D on the drive to the show.
He's proud he hasn't spoiled the surprise,
and he's excited, we've never been to
anything like this.
They of course took our picture when we got there,
they make a killing on these things...
That's me, Dar, Kel, and D
Here's a shot of one of the tents
there were several.
waiting for them to let us in...
D after the show....almost midnight....
totally exhausted.
I have to say that I have never seen anything like it. It was so totally amazing. From the clowns, juggler, contortionist (don't even get me started on them), tight rope walkers, the guy balancing on a big ball with a woman on his head, unicycle rider doing the same thing, trapeze, tumblers, flips on stilts, and the incredible wheels in the air with guys doing oh so scary things....
I can't even put into words how incredible it was.
I recommend that if it ever comes to your area you must go!!!! It's a lifetime experience.
I've never seen D so excited, he was yelling and clapping so hard his hands hurt. He was worn out, stumbling around in the yard, still asleep I believe, until I grabbed his arm, put him in jammies and out he went...
Needless to say I had a great weekend. Food, fun and most important Family.


DesertHen said...

WOW....sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

I get to go to Vegas in Feb and hope to see a Cirque show while I'm there. They totally fascinate me with all that they do!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awesome! I've got that on my Bucket list, actually! What a great time you all had.

I liked the photos, too.

One of my sons would go gaga over that alien jacket that D is wearing. Way cool!


(PS, Ok this is getting downright weird! No. My word verification had nothing to do with rats this time (whew). But now it's "forkeyes"!)

What are fork eyes anyway? lol!