Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Toast To Tuesdays....

I decided to borrow Desert Hen's Toast To Tuesdays... We tend to miss the little things that happen through the day, or think they don't happen at all. Sometimes we need to find joy in the small things instead of always looking for the big ones. So take a look and see what your day might have special in it for you.
Todays Toast:
My Hubby for a fabulous night.
Wy for being in a good mood at the laundramat (broken washer)
D for doing his homework without complaining
The washer repair man for showing up at 6:30 pm
and fixing my washer!
Rain rain coming our way! We soooo need it.

1 comment:

DesertHen said...

Great Toast! I love looking for the small things in my day that I would usually overlook....Adventure Girl really had a great idea when she came up with the Tuesday Toast theme....=)

I bet you are so happy to have your washer fixed....=)

Did it rain...or maybe snow??