Monday, December 22, 2008


I am almost ashamed to admit that my youngest has made it to the age of 3 and never sat on Santas lap, or even seen him.....Until yesterday. I think it might have been my fear of having a screaming, scared, hysterical child, like I see so often in stores. I should have known better. My sons have never met a stranger and Santa was no different. W just walked right up and sat down. Happy as can be about meeting Santa!. D of course did the same thing, although he was just a bit shy, which is amazing if you know him, he's usually balls to the wall, so to speak. I got some shopping done for myself, without hubby and kids tagging along, and they got Santa. A good time was had by all.


oregontribal1 said...

I remember the first time I met Santa(it was my grampa); I must have cried buckets! I have the picture at my mom's house, and my dad said it took almost 20 minutes before I'd go near him! He sounded just like Grampa; I later learned at his memorial that he did this just for us grandkids. What daughter has met Santa a couple of times too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a cool Santa, and your kids look so happy.
My almost 6 yr old has never sat on Santa's lap, but she has OCD and Aspergers and has many fears. She's even afriad of leaves...can you even imagine her reaction to a furry large man in a red suit?

New Mexico