Friday, December 5, 2008

"E" Is For.....Oh Crap....

Desert Hen took part in a voluntary meme and told anyone who wanted to play to leave her a comment and she would leave us a letter to use. I have to list 10 things that begin with this letter...what letter would I get? "C" I could come up with lots of things, chocolate, cats, camels, coconuts. I'd even do "L" for llamas, lollipops, lemons, luck...What letter was I going to get? I couldn't wait...things running through my head...hmmm what to do. I get my letter and it''s... "E"? Oh crap! Desert Hen is for sure testing the intelligence of this city raised mountain living woman. Time to dig into the deepest darkest parts of my vocabulary and list of things I love.....
  1. Eggs....hmmm this could be easy
  2. Earth, for without it we would just be floating around in space.
  3. Eating...and by looking at me you'd know I'm not lying.
  4. Elastic...for without it my pants would not fit.
  5. Elbow...just imagine if we couldn't bend our arms.
  6. Emotions....I'm full of them, good and bad...there I admit it!
  7. Exacerbate....just cause it sounds cool when you say it.
  8. Exfoliate....cause it's great for my skin.
  9. Exasperating children...mine who I love more than my own life.
  10. Exceptional husband who puts up with me, my moods, and my warped sense of humor.

There I did it! Whew that was hard.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

EXCELLENT post! It looks too EASY for you. I got a little bug in my EAR when I saw your post in my Followers List and my EGO rose a little higher when I saw that I'm not the only one playing with letters this month. What fun!

But I am a EENSEY bit dissapointed not to see the word EGG in your post. EGGS make the world go round, don't you know? lol!

EVER so wonderful this E post of yours :)

New Mexico

colleen said...

Lisa Lisa...Eggs were #1 on my list! he he

DesertHen said...

Extraordinary post! I knew you could do something great with the letter "E". I loved it......=)

Happy Sunday to you......