Friday, October 17, 2008

Tough Guy

I've had a few instances lately that have proven, again, that my husband isn't quite the hard ass he likes to think he is. Now this isn't something new to me, he's proven it time and again, but many might not know he has these sides to his personality. Recently I've convinced him ( I like to think this at least) that my oldest needs a pet. Now for years I have been trying to get him to let me have another cat, but he always says "Only when one of these is gone." Now those of you who have cats know that indoor cats can live a long life if taken care of properly (which we do). If I had to wait for that my kids would be in college and by then it would be too late for them to appreciate growing up with a pet of their own. He grudgingly gave in. Complained only minorly, and was only somewhat sarcastic. Now we have just a couple of days until our new kitten arrives. I was talking about things I've made for her (a bed, collar, blanket, toys) and I called her by the name that my son had said he liked. Simi. My husband said "What did you call her?" "I don't like that name." "I've thought of a few, but I was waiting until I got to see her". I then think to myself, he hasn't said anything to me about this, so he's been thinking, alone, by himself about it. Now does that sound like a man who really doesn't want a new kitten in the house? I don't think so. Just yesterday he came home from work and asked if my sister was still coming to visit for the weekend. I told him that yes she was coming, was there any reason he asked? He said that he was going to go down and make sure her bike was cleaned up. If it was real bad "She can do it herself". Now most people would think that was kind of harsh, not me, I know him too well. He did go down and check her bike out to make sure all was working and such. He then came back to the house for supper. After which he went back to the shop to pressure wash her bike and clean it up for her. Didn't surprise me at all. Tonight I asked him to bring home some stuff to make supper. I was in the mood for Chicken and Rice. He came home with everything. Just not the right type of rice. A conversation ensued. "It was the only kind they had." "Can't you just make something else?" "Yes, I can, but I was hoping to have Chicken and Rice". "Honey, I don't want to go all the way to town just for rice." "It's okay, I'll just make something else...." Flash to my son coming in the door. I look up and see my dear man coming up the stairs with his jacket on..."Where are you going?" " To get the damn rice". See he's not so tough. And what was he riding? My sister's motorcyle, just to make sure it runs okay for her. He's quite an amazing and loving man. Might shock most people. Not me.


DesertHen said...

Hummmmm, don't you just love it when they put on the "tough guy" act for the world to see. But we know better......your new kitten is gonna get some "love" from the tough guy..........=)

colleen said...

He's already hooked. He was smiling the minute he saw her today.