Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We decided to go outside and play with the bubbles and Dawson promptly got stung by a wasp so we gave up and watered the plants on the porch and they played in the hose for a while.
It's amazing to me how something so simple can amuse them for so long. After that, typical sibling arguing, usually with Wyatt starting it all of course.
He doesn't look too happy about that wasp sting.

That cute face hides a little trouble maker

There he is....trouble...trouble....trouble.

If they only got along this well all the time

Happy once again....finger's all better


kellie said...

Wyatt is crazy!!! But adorable. And Dawson, well....he is so handsome. This is Dar. I am so glad I get to visit your family(blog) every morning over coffee. Wish you were here. Love ya.

kellie said...

scissor, wish i was there. Can't wait see ya at the teeny tiny cabin
with a 9 month old.lol turkey is a go, not in the mood for ham this year. Hot tub anyone!!!!what if it snows? that would be sooooo fun. Tell the hunk of a man i said hi, and challenge him to a game of checkers. hahaha just kidding, he'll kick my ass and he knows it.lol love ya.

kellie said...

What's up sis?

kellie said...


What's up? Love the blog